3 Kick-Ass Content Management Tools

If you, like me, spend a chunk of time every day or week looking for and curating content for your (or your business’) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other feeds, then you, like me, are always looking for content management tools to make this job easier and more streamlined.

Hootsuite is my go-to, especially for Twitter. You can certainly use Hootsuite to post to all your other social media as well. When it comes to Facebook, I rely primarily on the Facebook scheduler to plan out my posts for the week. I’m also a big fan of Buffer and Swayy.

Here are a few content management tools you might want to look into, especially if you are super busy. These are not free–although their pricing packages vary. You can check them out for free, though, and see what you think–try before you buy. They just might make your life so easy, that you feel like they are worth the investment!

Bundle Post: Bundle Post helps you to manage and curate your own content, by importing your RSS Feeds (both your own blog, and blogs you follow), and then they create an exportable schedule that you can then import into Hootsuite or Buffer. They also have a Chrome extension that allows you to find content on the web and immediately add it to your queue. Packages start at $20/month.

facebook post planner

Post Planner: Post Planner is a pretty amazing little Facebook app. It allows you to source content that they claim is “viral” or “popular.” You can choose topics, and Post Planner sources the content for you, you simply share it. You can also create a schedule–how many times per day you want to post, what times, and even what kind of content you want to post for each post. For example, you can choose to share an image post in the morning, a text post in the afternoon, and an link post at night. You can also import your own RSS feeds to further customize your output. You can create schedules for multiple pages,  as well. Post Planner starts at $30/month.

pocket social

Pocket Social: a brand new tool from the UK, Pocket Social is still in beta, but shows great promise. You can use it either via the web, or via your phone (very handy for when you are standing in line at the bank and want to check that everything is on track). You choose what topics interest you (for example, I chose food and marketing), and Pocket Social generates shareable content for you. First of all, it will automagically schedule out tweets during the day, but it also will suggest twitter users to follow, and suggest cool tweets for you to Favourite or RT. You can also connect your Facebook and your LinkedIn. Pocket Social is currently free, and you can sign up for the beta here.

There you go! Hope I’ve made your life a little easier this week!

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