How to Increase Your Facebook Click-Through Rate

So, you’re posting to Facebook on a daily basis. You’re probably monitoring how many overall likes your page is getting, and you are also likely noting how much engagement your posts are getting–namely, likes, comments and shares.

But if you have a blog like I do, or a website that you are trying to drive traffic to, there’s another Insight you should be monitoring: click-throughs.

This shows you exactly how many people clicked on your facebook link to go back to your website or blog.

You can find out this information by logging into  your Insights, and then under the “Posts” tab, find the post in question. Facebook gives you a capsule report right there, that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 6.33.01 AM

But if you click on the actual link, they give you a more detailed view.


So, for this particular post, I had 6 people click through to read the post. Good to know!

Here are some hints to help increase your Facebook click-through rate: 

Don’t clickbait: Facebook is being really grumpy about this right now, and they are cracking down on clickbait. Basically, clickbait is something that teases you, but it the “tease” is usually misleading. When you click on the link you actually get a blog or website that is very different from what you were thinking from the teaser. Beyond the fact that Facebook will punish you via the algorithm for doing this, clickbaiting is just not authentic or cool, so don’t do it.

Do tease: give your audience enough info to entice them, but don’t give them all the info. You want to *ahem* leave something to the imagination (and your blog post).

Do tell people what you want them to do: this is called a “call to action” (or CTA for short). Ask people to click and read. Ask people to comment. It makes a difference.

And check out these two great articles on how to increase your facebook click-through rate:




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