How to Create Great Social Content [Infographic]

My current obsession is content curation versus content creation.

When you’re creating new content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what are the rules?

We all know that cute animals and inspirational quotes win the internet. But are they appropriate for you to use on your FB page?

The answer is maybe. When it comes to creating content for your social media, many people make one of two mistakes: they focus too closely on their business, or they don’t focus closely enough. Don’t be afraid to post stuff that is not directly about your business. It should, however, be related to your business.

If, for example, you run a business selling rain boots, it’s appropriate to post weather reports, reviews for other kinds of rain gear like umbrellas, or even images or clips from a movie like Singing in the Rain. You could even get away with posting this:



But you shouldn’t go too far off topic. For example, posting recipes for summer picnics might not be appropriate.

It’s important not to be too salesy. If you are writing good copy, it will drive people to click on your link, rather than you having to SHOUT AT THEM TO DO SO IN ALL CAPS! And don’t forget to watch your spelling and grammar. Professional-looking writing makes you look… um… professional.

Then, there’s the power of a good image. Try to avoid stock photos, and instead, source original images that follow good photography rules. You might even want to invest in some camera gear and classes yourself.

Finally, make sure your content provides some value. “Value,” by he way, can be defined as entertaining. If you can make someone laugh, or make them look at something in a new light… you’re doing your job!

Here’s how to create great social content!


Infographic courtesy of Edge Media.

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