Ideal Lengths for Online Content [Infographic]

I have a quick and fun infographic for your Friday!
Truthfully, it’s not enough any more to just do one kind of social media. These days, if you’re not promoting your stuff across channels, you’re sunk! You can’t put all your eggs in one marketing basket.
But to get the maximum effect from all your different social media, you have to be strategic. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever these days, so you need to grab their attention, and you need to grab it quick! You need to maximize, and that means making every word count.
Here are your ideal lengths for online content:
  • Twitter: the ideal length of a tweet is 100-120 characters. This leaves room for people to easily RT your stuff without having to modify the tweet to fit inside the 140 character limit (although Twitter’s new “add on” when RTing ability has nearly put an end to that!).
  • Facebook: you wanna keep it short. Let your link, video or photo do that actual talking in your FB status update, and keep your words to a minimum.
  • Blog headlines: 6 words is the ideal length.
  • YouTube: under 3 minutes is ideal. Anything more, and you’ll begin to lose your audience.
  • Podcasts: I do listen to podcasts that are in the 40-minute area, but 22 minutes appears to be the ideal.
  • Webinars: 18 minutes (thanks to TED talks), appears to be the ideal.
Courtesy of: Content Champion


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