9 Ways to Re Purpose your Content

Content, content, content!!

When you’re a blogger or you are in social media, there is constant pressure to come up with fresh content all the time.

It’s hard! Sometimes you run out of inspiration. One thing I do is look to other blogs for inspiration. Often, I’m inspired by things I read in other places, and am able to springboard off of those posts to create my own.

Another option for creating new content is to re purpose old content.9 ways to re purpose your blog content


Here are 9 ways to re purpose your content:

  1. Curated posts: on my food blog, I often do “top 10 lists” of recipes I’ve previously published singly. The possibilities for this never end! Just pick a theme and pull together all the related posts you can find from your blog. You can also do this by curating content from other people’s blogs. Get more ideas for how to curate content for your blog here.
  2. Social sharing: you can easily recycle your old blog posts into social posts. With Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, don’t just share fresh content, but go back and re-share evergreen content as well.
  3. Infographic: take your idea and make it into an infographic. My favourite tool for this is Piktochart.

    Infographic courtesy of B2C: http://www.business2community.com/content-marketing/save-time-repurposing-content-0876705
    Infographic courtesy of B2C
  4. Slideshares: Slideshare is a great, and often-overlooked social network. Create a Slideshare of your idea or post, and then make sure to share it on social media, and on LinkedIn (where you can embed it).
  5. LinkedIn: speaking of ol’ LIn, you can also re purpose your blog content at LinkedIn Pulse. Make sure to change them up a little before you publish, though. You don’t want exactly the same post published in both places.
  6. Video or podcast: create a vlog¬† or a podcast talking about your subject. Don’t forget to link back to your original post and your blog in your video!
  7. E-book or Whitepaper: blog posts are a great basis to begin creating an e-book or a whitepaper. My first book originally began as a series of blog posts, that I then used to create the skeleton for the book, which I later fleshed out. Offer your e-book or white paper in exchange for email addresses to grow your mailing list.
  8. E-Newsletter: speaking of mailing lists, you can include a teaser and a link to your blog post in your e-newsletter to help drive more traffic back to your blog.
  9. Webinar or Live-Stream: Do a Google Hangout, a Periscope, Meercat or a Blab on your subject. If you’re doing a hangout or a blab, make sure to pull in some other folks that are also experts in this field to round it out.

What’s your favourite way to re purpose blog content? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. When I am truly stuck for content I go to other blog sites. I am moving into a new habit – drafting blog titles ahead of time. There have been occasions where my blog goes in a completely different direction to the title. Easily fixed by a quick change of title.

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