Is Blogging Dead?

Yikes. I hope not.

I just started teaching a blogging class this week, so let’s just say I have something personal at stake here.

Is Blogging DEAD_But it’s more than that. I love blogging. Again, it’s personal. I feel like writing is my medium, y’know? It’s my jam. Yeah, sure, I dabble in podcasts and vlogs and I take photos and do Snapchat. But at the end of the day, the thruline, the thing I’ve been doing the longest, is blogging.

It’s changed a lot over the last 8 years, though. When Google pulled Google Reader, and even before that, subscribers went down. It was, and still is, harder and harder to find a blog’s RSS feed. Most subscribers these days come through email. Comments, similarly, on the blog itself, are way down.

What’s up, though, are people commenting in other arenas: Facebook primarily, but also Twitter, Instagram. And people reading our blogs not because they’ve subscribed, but because they found them online through a tweet or a FB post.

So, is blogging dead? Nope, I don’t think so. It sure is changing, though.

Monetization: Blogging is now not as much about making money through ad sales with tons of traffic. These days, smart monetization comes through creating and selling your own products. E-books, courses, apps, subscriptions… these are all ways that smart bloggers are keeping their businesses going.

Niche & voice: People will still come back if you are interesting, quirky, and/or have something that’s valuable that they want or need. That has not changed.

Blogging is growing into other mediums: Podcasting is SO hot right now! Vlogging is just blogging in a different medium. Instagram and Snapchat are also about telling stories, but in a visual way. At their essence, they’re all doing the same thing: telling stories.

So, don’t despair, bloggers. We’re not going anywhere yet.

Here’s a roundup of articles I’ve found recently on this topic that I found really interesting:

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Is Blogging Dead? Building Your Content Home on Rented Land: a convo between Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer.

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