I’ve been active on Snapchat for about 3 months now. It really started, for me, because I wanted to be smarterer and more well-informed when I talked to my students about the app. Most of them, it seemed, knew more about it than I did, and that wasn’t cool with me.

So I decided in late December to really invest in it. I would a. create snaps every day for a month and b. follow influencers and learn from them.

It was an interesting experience, and long story short, I’m still there, snapping away every day. You can read about my experience and what I learned here.

But I definitely have some real issues with Snapchat still. I’m still not 100% convinced it’s going to work as a marketing tool for business. For folks like me, who are simply trying to build a personal brand–for sure it’s a great platform for that. It allows you to be real, and that’s fun, and creates a kind of intimacy that seems to be lacking on many of the other social media these days.

Having said that, it’s challenging to find people. I have basically just been following back anyone that follows me, and then if I am not interested in what they are snapping, I just unfollow. I will also do twitter searches and if I find someone with a snapcode, I’ll add them. Same with a couple of Facebook groups I belong to. But because Snapchat has no bios, it’s hard to know if you might like what that person is snapping before you follow them.

ghostcodes app

There’s a new app dropping today that is going to help with that problem. GhostCodes has been in beta for a week or so, and I’ve been using it. When you join, you upload your snapcode (I like the SnapSpot app for creating one with your picture in the middle), and you can choose what kind of category you belong in. You can also create a bio so people can get you know a little about you and what you snap about. It’s a way for you to source out like-minded people, as well. You can browse others GhostCodes, and if you find someone interesting, download their Snapcode and follow them.

It’s the first Snapchat “directory.” It also allows you to hook up links to your other accounts: Twitter, Instagram, etc.

From a marketing POV, I have to say I’ve gotten a ton of followers from this app since I’ve been on it. It’s a little overwhelming, actually.

GhostCodes Profile

Ghost Codes also has a “rating” system. You can “heart” Snapchatters that you like, and it “upvotes” that user, so that the person with the most hearts rises to the top of that category. To me, this feels a little high-schoolish, but lots of social networks run on this principle (hi, Reddit), and it’s successful if it’s done organically.

Check it out for yourself! Available for iPhone ONLY at this moment.

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