How to Create Better Blog Posts Than Your Competitors [Infographic]

I’m not normally one to talk about competition in  the blogopshere. It’s a universe that hopefully holds a place for all of us. But to be fair, we all want more traffic, more eyeballs, more clicks.

Today’s infographic is all about how to create better blog posts. There are some great tips in here, all based on SEO rankings.

  1. Keep your titles short, and your content long: Make your blog post title short and snappy (around 50 characters) and your blog post itself in the 1,000-2,000 word range.
  2. Use Yoast: It has a ton of different features that do SEO ranking on all of your posts. For example, it’ll tell you what your Flesch Readability score is (you want your average 13-year-old to be able to understand your post).
  3. Use bullets and paragraphs: If people are confronted with a wall of text when they come to your blog, they will be outta there lickety-split. However, if you chunk up your text with bullet points, lists or paragraphs, it makes everything much easier to read, and inviting.
  4. Use lots of images: We are a very visual society; we love images. If you want to take it to the next level, use animated gifs for a hint of fun, or longer images, like infographics. Oh–and make sure your images are good. Additionally, resize everything before you upload it for faster website loading times (I size everything to 650 px), or use a Lazy Load plugin.
  5. Link! Create links in your post to other posts or articles. They need to be relevant, and ideally to sources of a higher ranking than yours.

And now, here’s today’s infographic on how to create better blog posts:


Infographic courtesy of Siege Media.

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