“Be Yourself:” Vlogging with Evan Carmichael #Entspresso

Canadians rule!

I met Evan Carmichael last year at Sage Summit in New Orleans. We’d both been flown down to the conference as social media reporters. Our job was create content for our followings, based on what we observed, along with a few other social media reporters from various other places around the world. Evan and I were the only Canadians, though.

rebecca coleman and evan carmichael be yourself

It was a blast. We had tons of fun, learned lots, and were happy to reconnect at this year’s conference in Chicago.

If you don’t know who Evan is, you need to start following him. He’s an incredibly successful vlogger, and his first book is coming out in December. Evan’s deal is all about entrepreneurs. He inspires them, and is, in return, inspired by them. He’s a smart cookie.

Oh, you know, just hanging out with The Killers. NBD.
Oh, you know, just hanging out with The Killers. NBD.

Evan has a daily shot of inspiration that he does, and he calls it Entspresso–like a shot of espresso, but for entrepreneurs. He takes a topic, a quote, from a famous person, and then talks to someone about it. Here’s the one that we did together, talking about “Be Yourself.”

Feel free to comment below or under the video and answer the question we ask at the end.

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