21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

Social Media. It dominates our lives in so many ways; it’s changing us, and we, in turn, are changing it.

When it comes to using social media for marketing, lots of people are doing it, but some strategies are more effective than others.

Today’s infographic outlines 21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies, and I wanted to go into a few of them in some more depth.

No shortcuts; quality over quantity. One big strategy I see a lot of people doing on social media today is focusing on pushing out a lot of content. 5 posts a day on Facebook, tweets every hour, multiple Instagram posts. The problem with that kind of schedule is that it’s hard to keep up. It’s nearly impossible to come up with quality content on that scale. It’s also really hard to put out that kind of content without automation. Be present on your social networks! It’s okay to schedule stuff, of course, but make sure it’s quality, and also make sure to contribute content in the moment as well.

Choose a focus and become an expert in that field. When I first started my business 8 years ago, I wanted to be known as the person in this city who knew about social media marketing for the arts. I started this blog to share tips and tricks about social media arts marketing, and was able to position myself as an expert in that field.  What are you an expert in?

Authenticity. Be real, kids. Don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Follow up with connections: my friend Jeremy loves to take selfies with people he meets for the first time. It’s a fun thing to do, but there’s a method to his madness. When he follows up with that person, he can send them the photo as a reminder of the date and time that they met–making him much more memorable.

Connection doesn’t imply permission: you know those automatic DMs you get when you follow someone new on Twitter? Just don’t. Just because I’m following you, it doesn’t give you permission to try to immediately sell me something. Buy a girl dinner first! You need to make an effort to get to know people and “romance” them a little first.

What’s your favorite point from today’s infographic? Share in the comments below.

Infographic courtesy of SocialMetricsPro.com
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