Telus Launches Internet for Good to Support Single Parents in BC

I don’t often talk about internet politics. I do sometimes talk about the politics of food on my other blog, and this post is the equivalent to one of those.

You see, every once in a while, something comes through my inbox that I really, really connect with, and, seeing as I get to make all the content decisions around here, I get to share my biases with you. 🙂

I am a solo parent. I have been now, for 8 years, since my son was 4 1/2. At the time that I became a single parent, I also launched my own business, and those first few months were very lean. I was living on a stipend of $1200 a month while I got my business off the ground, and those were some tough times. But I made it through and today I can honestly look at where I’ve come from, and all that hard work, and feel really proud of my success.

In those days, Internet was mandatory. There was no way I could cut expenses by not having it. My business was contingent on it.

I honestly could have used a program similar to the one Telus has just launched.

It’s called Internet for Good, and it supplies low-cost internet service to low-income single-parent families across the province. Around 18,000 families will be eligible for the service, which will run them $10/month.

In addition, if that family can’t afford a computer, Telus is partnering with the BC Technology for Learning Society, who refurbish old computers. These refurbished computers will be available for purchase for a “greatly reduced rate.”

Kids get access to online resources to help with homework and learning, or even skills-building. My son has his own computer, and is teaching himself how to be a computer animator. Who knows what kind of future these kids can create for themselves with the right tools–which starts with a computer and access to the internet.

And their parents? Maybe one of them will be able to start a business. There are endless possibilities.

Good work, Telus. Thumbs up.

Read more about the Internet for Good program here.

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