Content Creation Strategies for Marketers #Infographic

When it comes to creating social media content, there are generally thought to be “Three C’s:”

  • Content Creation: any content that comes out of your head. Primarily takes the form of blog posts, e-newsletters, videos.
  • Content Curation: content that comes from other sources, is related to your brand, but that you carefully “curate,” meaning you comb through lots of different kinds of content to find the best of the bunch, which you share with your audience.
  • Content Cultivation: is when others write about you/your business.

Content creation is one that many of us struggle with all the time, because sometimes you run out of inspiration and have no idea what to say!

But there are some great ideas in today’s infographic.

  • Listsicles and Roundups: everybody loves a listsicle, right? Buzzfeed literally runs their entire site off of them! I mean, doesn’t everyone want to know the 15 Hipster Food Trends that need to Die in 2017? Sorry. I kinda got sucked into that one…
  • Live blogging: is there an event that your business is supporting, or is close to your business’ heart?? Love blog it! You can use Twitter, your blog, or you can even LiveStream it via FB Live or Periscope.
  • Interviews & Q&As: These are a great way to create new content, and the bonus is, anyone that you interview is automatically going to share it with their followers, thereby increasing your audience!
  • Infographics: I do them every week! Seriously, though, people love Infographics, and they have been some of the most popular posts on my blog.

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Include images and/or video. Our brains process images way faster than they do words, it’s a great way to draw people in.
  • Inspire/excite/amuse: we know that posts that invoke an emotional reaction do way better than posts that do not.

Now, here’s today’s infographic on Content Creation Strategies for Marketers:


Infographic courtesy of Quicksprout



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