Google Axes Authorship

Sometimes, you really have to wonder what’s going on inside Google’s head. First of all, they axed the immensely popular RSS feed reader, Google Reader, to much protest from everyone in the blogosphere. Then, they continue to pour resources into […]

G+ Communities

Google +. Hands up, who’s using it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. When I’m teaching my social media classes, I always dedicate some time to Google +. Why not? I’m an avid user of Google’s products–I use Gmail every day, […]

G+ Announces Pages for Business

When Google launched its social network, Google+, in late June, the only accounts available were personal ones. G+ promised us that pages for business (think about the difference between your personal FB profile and your business page) were in the […]

Google +

For the last two days, the interwebz have been buzzing about the latest thing to be launched in the world of Social Networking: Google Plus. You may have noticed that a few weeks ago, Google Plus buttons started showing up […]