The Biggest Mistake People Are Making With Social Media Marketing

Today’s post is a vlog!

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Rebecca Coleman

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  1. Totally true. Applying old technique to new product is true – inundating people with the same push out messages is infuriating. The way I explain it to clients is that social media marketing should be viewed as a cocktail party. If you are “that guy” who is “me me me me and about me and I’m doing this” without allowing for interaction vs innundation, people tune you out (or go to the bar at a party) 🙂

    Also – using one form of social media to send that message out.

    This it totally not meant to sound critical, but you’ve posted a vlog with over five minutes of content, and apparently no other way to access the content except watching the vlog.

    Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t have five minutes to focus on a vlog. For lack of a better term, I can read faster than you talk. Turned the video off as soon as you said “old methods” at around the 25 second mark. Yup, true, next item on my to-do list. I don’t have time to keep listening, but I do have time to keep reading.

    I hope that makes sense. A thought – transcript of your vlog message below?

  2. Hey, Sue;
    Yeah, I thought about that when I did this. I am one of those people that actually might not watch my own vlog because I pretty much won’t watch anything over 5 minutes on YouTube!
    I decided not to write anything on this one because writing is my main form of communication. I wanted to do something different–mix it up. So, I made this one for folks who do like to watch video, and who would be into watching a 5-minute video. I don’t do this too often, so I feel like I’m okay taking my lumps if people decide to tune out.
    I’m just trying out new stuff… and part of what I like to do is try new things, and then figure out how I can do it better the next time, so the next time I make a vlog, I’ll take this into consideration. 🙂

  3. oh absolutely. I figured you were trying to “mix it up” a bit as most of your posts are written. It would be interesting to look at the metrics of your vlogs, seeing how long people are watching for, and resetting the presented info to fit that length or pull them back in with something at that time marker. Video is always a tough one, I needed to do a series for a conference I was working on. Many people don’t realize that a 12 minute “talking head” is a killer and that was part of the challenge. Also expectations – I titled the last seminar I gave very tongue in cheekily as “web 2.0 – I hope it goes viral”. Explained to the attendees that the title was based on the fact that every one of them was going to hear those phrases from their president, CEO, Board of Directors etc and they were there to learn how to explain that those phrases were NOT the case any more. And why their 7 minute newscaster style video was the exact opposite of “United Breaks Guitars”. And how to make their social media work for them.
    Keep it up!

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