Eat. Drink. Tweet.

A couple of months back, I met Allison Markin. We’d connected via Twitter, as we do similar things in different cities. Alison helps people in the food industry (winemakers, restaurants) in the Okanagan to market themselves, and teaches social media up there, too.

Well, when we finally met for the first time (appropriately at 49th Parallel Coffee), she told me a about a conference she’s putting together for March called Eat. Drink. Tweet.

How great is that? Those are like, my three favorite things to do.

When she asked me if I’d come up and do a couple of sessions for her, I of course said yes. Penticton in the springtime? Wine tastings? Turning a new crop of foodies on to social media? No brainer.

I’ll be doing two sessions on Saturday, March 12. The first is called If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what’s a video worth? and is an introduction to YouTube. The second will be a session on how to set up your own free WordPress blog (and some ideas about what to blog about!).

If you’re in the Okanagan that weekend, come and check it out. Or maybe you’ll want to make a special trip. Some wine tours… tweeting… good food… You can’t lose. Hope to see yout there.

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