3 New Twitter Features

There are three new things I want to share with you about Twitter that have either been released, or will be quite soon.

1.  The new Firefox add-on for Twitter. If you already use Firefox for your web browser, you can download a simple add-on that will add a bar just below your browser bar and bookmark bar that allows you to search Twitter at any time. It also runs Twitter in the background.

Secondly, Twitter has paired with Photobucket (which is a pretty cool photo-sharing and storage site I’ve been using for years) to create an in-Twitter photo sharing utility. All current photo sharing utilities are third party.

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2.  Twitter has launched a “Follow” Button for websites. Folks have been creating their own “Follow Me on Twitter!” buttons for ages and installing them in the sidebar of their websites or blogs for ages, now, but Twitter now will quickly and easily create the html code for you. You then simply drag-and-drop a text widget into the sidebar of your WordPress blog (in your Dashboard, under ‘Widgets’), and then copy/paste the code into it. I tried it, but the results were somewhat underwhelming.

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3.  This one is cool. Maybe because it’s a new third-party application. Packrati.us is a cool little app that automagically saves any Tweet that you favorite to your Delicious account. I love Delicious, and I use it to save interesting posts and articles that I want to come back to later, as inspiration for future blog posts. This makes it even easier for me save interesting Tweets.

Now you’re all up to date…


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