Installing “Follow Me” Icons in the Sidebar of Your WordPress Blog

People ask me all the time, “how do I get followers?”

While I’ve never been an advocate of garnering bajillions of followers (because engagement is just as important, or maybe even more important than numbers), I will admit that having lots of followers sometimes helps to create engagement. I recently surpassed 4K of followers on Twitter, and it’s rare that I’ll send out a tweet that is unacknowledged. Because I have so many people following me, usually someone will see it and pick up on it.

So. How do you get followers? I wish I had a magic soloution, but sadly, such a thing does not exist. Patience. Time. And not giving up. Those are the big ones.


You could also check out this old post I wrote called Eight Ways to Gain Twitter Followers. In that post, I talk about installing icons in the sidebar of your blog so that people who visit your blog/website will be aware that you are on Twitter/FB/YouTube, etc, and have the option of reaching out and connecting with you as they see fit.

Here is the updated version of that how-to video. Now go forth and conquer the interwebz!!

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