A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media (Infographic)

I‘m sorry. I know it’s still only late July, and no one wants to be thinking about going back to school yet.

But this landed in my inbox last week, and I thought it was too great not to share.

I teach people how to use social media, but I also teach with social media. For me, it adds an extra layer of communication that I love. If you think about it, traditional teaching methods have you seeing your students, face-to-face, once a week or so for a couple of hours. Maybe they’ll send you an email if they get into trouble. But with social media, there are so many extra channels of communication opened up to you.

A student can walk into class, and I can ask them about a specific thing they did that week, because I know about it from Facebook or Twitter. It creates a relationship with my students that goes beyond, and allows me to get to know them and experience their passions in a much deeper way.

It also makes me more available and accessible to them. I don’t have an office or office hours, but they can tweet me and know that they’ll have an answer to their question almost immediately.

It’s pretty great.

A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media
From: OnlineColleges.net

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