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I loves me my Instagram. But if there was one thing that drove me crazy, it was how mobile- and app-based it was. Sharing a photo from Instagram to the web can be a bit of a complicated procedure, and forget about having a direct URL to your profile so that people can follow you. Nope, you have to go to Instagram on your phone, and do a search for me. And you would probably need to know my username in order to find me.

Of course, there was third-party software that allowed you to do many of those things, like

But now Instagram is bringing profiles to the web. You can, now go to, and see all of my photos.

It looks a bit like Facebook Timeline, don’t you think (not surprising, since Facebook owns Instagram)? The top part, where your “cover” would be on Facebook, rotates through your photos.

You can’t upload photos through the web interface. You can, however, like and comment on photos if you have an account and are signed in.

This will make it easier for businesses to use Instagram as a marketing tool.

Here’s what Instagram has to say about it.

Finally, an Instagram “Best Practice” video, by my fave YouTube Filmmaker, Casey Neistat:

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