When you think of “Tech start up success” in Vancouver, what’s the first company that comes to mind? Hootsuite. Right? Well, I have news for you. Vancouver is more than just a one successful-startup town.

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I’d like to introduce you to Wishpond. A local company, Wishpond creates apps that help you to be a better social media marketer. Up until recently, the only way for you to run a Facebook contest on your page was through a third party apps. While FB recently relaxed these rules, if you want to run a more complicated campaign that includes like-gating or lead capture, you’ll want to check out Wishpond. They can also help you to run all kinds of different contests, through Instagram, Pinterest, or Video.

One of my fave things about Wishpond, though, is their blog and their infographics. There’s tons of great information here. I encourage you to subscribe or bookmark, and not just because my former student, Krista, writes some of the posts. 🙂

I don’t normally tout paid services on my blog, but I really like Wishpond, and were I a business, it might well be worth the investment. They have a free 14-day trial, and packages start at $19/month.

Check them out!



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  1. Wishpond is really deceptive… they lure you into signing up for a full year of service despite trying to present it as a monthly pricing. Next, they only provide a free trial on the annual-not-monthly plans, not their real monthly plans. Next, they automatically bill your credit card after the end of the two week trial without notification, and refuse offer any refunds after. This is negative pricing surely most be illegal, if not immoral.

    1. That’s too bad. Sounds like you had a really bad experience there. I know someone that works at Wishpond, I will forward your comment to them.

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