SEO for Bloggers 8: Choosing A Kick-Ass Blog Post Title

It probably goes without saying that choosing a title for your blog post is incredibly important. The blog post title, and often the first few lines of your post, help to grab the reader’s attention and hook them in. It’s your bait.

However, a good blog post title can also effect the post’s SEO. If your title is interesting/weird/funny/explanatory, it will hopefully stand out amongst all the other search results, and people will click on your post, rather than someone else’s.


Here are some tips: 

1. Be specific, rather than general. What is the post about? Say it succinctly. 

2. Don’t forget your keywords. When in doubt, use the keyword tool to discover which keywords have a higher return (minimum of 10,000 searches a month) with a low/medium rating. Make sure that keyword is in the title of your blog post, ideally at the beginning.

3. Answer questions and solve problems. If you are unsure what to write about, start with your own personal FAQ. What questions do your clients or customers ask you on a regular basis? Start by writing a blog post that answers each and every one of those questions. You can start your blog post with “How to…”

4. Get listy. Lists are huge online. Everyone likes “5 reasons why you should…” or “7 ways to…”

5. Add value. Above all else, make sure your post offers valuable information. People will come, and stay, and come back for more if they feel like it’s worth it.

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