Why Content is Still King in 2017

Waaaay back, a long time ago, a certain ginger-haired CEO coined the term “content is king.”

There are lots of people that think this is just no longer true, because we have much shorter attention spans now, and traditional forms of online content, like blogs for example, don’t seem to be quite as popular as they used to be.

This may be true to some degree, but no matter how you slice it, content is still king.

If your business is pushing out high-quality, valuable content, it’s going to be good for you, no matter what.

Think about how people use the internet. Yes, of course, it’s a source of news and entertainment. But they are also searching for answers.

Ask any long-time car salesman how their job has changed over the years, and no doubt they will say that the people that walk into their dealerships today are way more informed and educated than they used to be. The reason for that is that now, instead of going to the business for answers, we find our answers online. Most people who are making major purchases have already done a ton of research before they walk in the door. They’ve basically already made up their mind before they even go there.

So yes, content is still king, even in 2017–as long as you are creating valuable content that answers people’s questions.

  • People are searching for information. If you can answer their questions through well-written, valuable, keyword-optimized articles, you’ll get traffic.
  • Traffic is going to result in sales.
  • Creating content helps to SEO optimize your site. Just the sheer habit of creating new content on a regular basis is going to help to make your website come up in search results. Answer people’s questions, and you’ll pull even more traffic for specific topics.

For more, check out today’s infographc: 7 reasons why content is still king in 2017.

Infographic courtesy of Harris Meyers


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