Digital Self Care in 2020

What. Is. Even. Happening? I mean, first it was those terrible fires in Australia. Then we nearly had WWIII. Then there was that global pandemic, and finally, sweeping (hopefully) social change. And what about the murder hornets? And it’s only […]

2017: Top Posts

Ah, 2017. What a beautiful mess you were. Concerns about the environment and World politics continued to dominate much of social media in 2017. Feminism was named the word of the year, and the hashtag #MeToo, sadly, was trending. Instagram […]

Reflections on the Writerly Life

I’ve been a writer since I was 9 years old, and you’d think that, given the ensuing decades, I’d actually have figured some of this stuff out by now, but… not so much. I’ve been reflecting, hard, lately, in the […]

Hustle vs Hygge

Hustle. Go get it. Never stop pursuing your dreams. Keep going, no matter what. Yup. You’ve heard these things a hundred times. You’ve probably said them to yourself in an effort to inspire and encourage yourself when you’ve felt like […]