I am in love with Naomi Dunford

So, I just discovered this new blog, and I’m totally in love. So much in love, that I need to shout my new affection from the rooftops (ie: my blog).

Ittybiz is a blog written by Naomi Dunford. A gal who paid her dues in the marketing departments of large corporations, a couple¬† years back, she chucked it all for a home-based business, and is doing pretty darn good. She now consults with micro-businesses (less than 5 employees), and writes a blog of tips and thoughts on same. Plus I love that she works with her husband, and has a baby. Oh, and did I mention she’s funny? It’s like The Blogess was writing small business advice.

Through Naomi’s blog, I have discovered Dave Navarro. His blog is called Rock Your Life. Navarro is a business launch coach, and his blog is all about becoming more productive without losing perspective.

Used to be, if you wanted to learn how to be (or how to be a better) entrepreneur, you signed up for a course, or read a few books. Now, all you need is Google Reader.

Follow them on Twitter:
Naomi: @IttyBiz
Dave: @RockYourLife

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