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I make no bones about it: I love The Dragon’s Den. Ever since my small business instructor/mentor, Scott Armstrong, introduced me to it a couple years back, I have faithfully watched this CBC show, “where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of Canadian business moguls who have the cash and the know-how make it happen.”

I was thrilled when my friend, Laurel Bailey, got flown to Toronto last year to pitch her Naked Soapworks business expansion plan to the Dragons (her pitch, sadly, didn’t make the final cut, but her business is doing well).

Last year, I wrote a blog post about the show, and at that time, none of the Dragons were on Twitter. Now, most of them are, and today, they tape the last day of the fourth season of the show. It has been lots of fun (and a sneak preview!) to read the tweets coming out of the Den.

@cbcdragon (the show)
@DianeBuckner (the host)
@WBrettWilson (the newest Dragon, Calgarian Wilson made his fortune as an investment banker, and since, has invested in energy, sports, entertainment, and real estate.)
@KevinOLearyTV (Kevin is the sarcastic one, possibly the toughest of all the Dragons. He made his millions in high-tech)
@ArleneDickinson (the lone female of the panel, Arlene is my favorite, because she is a woman, and because she made her fortune in marketing. She also really gets Twitter.)

As of yet, Robert Herjavec and Jim Treliving don’t seem to have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Season 4 is set to air early fall, and Season 3 repeats on CBC starting June 17.

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  1. I just had the pleasure of working with a group who received $250,000 from the Dragon’s Den last year (Aerial Angels, fire eating, aerial silk, Kevin yelled at my friend Allison, called her arrogant and made her cry, Brett Wilson offered them the money)

    The pitch process was incredibly long and difficult, they were in the Den for almost an hour, which got cut down to 4 minutes of tv.

    If you like the Canadian one, suss out the British one. I find that the Canadian dragons don’t jump in as much as I’d like. The Brits are more into taking risks, making deals, and working with each other.

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