Creating a Facebook Splash Page (Interview with Allison Markin)

Y ou may have noticed, in your surfing about, that sometimes you’ll come across a Facebook Page and you will be greeted with, not the Page’s wall, but a website-like page that gives you information about the business or company and encourages you to “like” the page. There may be a sale or a special deal involved–“Like this page to be entered into a contest” or “Like this page to get a special deal.”

The Best Buy Splash Page on Facebook

These pages are called Landing or Splash Pages, and I’ve been skeptical about how they could be useful to help me acquire more fans or to support my business.

So, I turned to Allison Markin, who produced the Eat.Drink.Tweet Conference I recently participated in. Allison did a session on Facebook Pages I was unable to attend, but she answered my questions in this interview.

Allison talks about:

  • Why you should have a Facebook Splash page
  • How to create one
  • What kinds of things you might like to include in yours
  • Introduces us to a service Splashtabs that easily walks you through the process of creating one

Allison’s Website
Allison on Twitter

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  1. Just FYI, when I checked last week, it looked like Splashtabs had a free option, and now they have changed to SplashLabs Social, which only has a free trial. Then they charge $29/month for only one splash page (branded with their name).

    I know it’s not *that* expensive, but all those small marketing amounts add up fast!

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