2011: The Year in Review

Well, it’s that time of the year, kids. A time to look back, reflect, and see what went right (and not-so-right) in 2011.

Without further ado, here are the year’s top posts:

10. How to Use… QR Codes. Relatively new in North America, but very mainstream in Japan (where they were invented), the marketing potential for QR codes is pretty immense.

9. Three Twitter Analytics Tools. Seems like every day someone is inventing a new tool to help you analyze how your tweets are doing and improve your performance. Here are my three faves.

8. Do Artists Deserve This? When Sun Media interviewed Margie Gillis, a dancer from Quebec and raked her over the coals for taking government support, it sparked outrage on the blogosphere.

7 & 6. How to Create a Facebook Landing Page & Creating a Facebook Splash Page with Allison Markin. Splash or Landing Tabs for your Facebook biz page help to increase the amount of “likes” you get and are a great way to introduce newbies to your page.

5. Average Lifespan of a Post: Facebook vs Twitter. How long does a Facebook post or a Tweet last before it’s buried in the stream?

4. “I Need a Starbucks” Lessons in Branding. A trip to Seattle inspired this one.

3. The Role of Social Media in the Vancouver Riot. I think this is the best post I wrote last year. Clearly some of you liked it, too.

2. Pinterest. My new obsession.

1. The Facebook Share Button. When Facebook launched their new “share” button a few months back, it made it much easier for us to share info we’d stumbled across on the ‘net. This post shows you how to install it on your blog.

Thanks for reading in 2011! Here’s to a kick-ass 2012!

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