Are You Using The New Facebook Timeline, Yet?

It’s here!! It’s here!!

As of mid-December, Facebook started rolling out its new personal profile interface called Timeline. Now, Timeline is hardly a new thing: those of us who are of the nerdier variety (ahem!) have been using it since mid-September. Facebook had meant to roll Timeline out earlier, but they became embroiled in a lawsuit over the name. There’s very little information out there about what exactly happened, whether Facebook is just forging ahead because might makes right, or if they, in fact, settled with the other party. Whatever the case, Timeline has started to become available as of December 22.

Everyone will eventually get it, and resistance, as with the Borg, is futile. But if you want to get it right away, go to this page and click the “Get it Now” button.

Do you have Timeline yet? And if you do, what do you think of it?

Here’s a bunch of resources to help you make the transition:

  • Timeline Privacy Tweaks: one of the main complaints that people have about Timeline is that it makes it a bit too easy to investigate your past. Which you may prefer hidden. Here are some things you can do to keep everyone from seeing those drunken photos.
  • 10 Facebook Timeline Designs that Will Blow You Away, and this article on using Cover Images for promotional content by Mari Smith: your Cover image is the large image at the top of the page that spans the entire width. Of course, some clever people have already thought of ways they can use this for marketing purposes.
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