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I was on the phone yesterday with a designer friend that I sometimes work with, Robert Dall, and he put it the best:

There are three things in this world that you cannot avoid: death, taxes, and constant changes to Facebook.

It’s very true. As someone who makes it her mission to be on top of all these updates and tweaks, though, it sometimes feels like an impossible task, but I do get lots of mileage out of it!

Multiple admin roles: you’ve always been able to add multiple people to administrate your page. Now, however, you can limit, or not limit, as the case may be, what their role is. For example, you may want an assistant to be able to post to the page, but not be able to reply to queries, if that’s a job you want to keep for yourself.

There are five different admin roles, as outlined below:


You can add admins to your page, and/or change their roles by going to your page and then clicking on “edit page.” Scroll down the main left-hand menu until you come to admins.


For more information on admin roles, click here.

Timing Posts: I use a couple of different tools for Twitter to time out my tweets. I’ll often publish a blog post early in the morning, but I don’t want to tweet it at that time, because I want to wait until there’s more traffic online. So, what I’ll do is use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule my tweet for higher-peak times. Of course you can use both of those tools to do the same on Facebook, but it just doesn’t feel the same. Now, you can do this via Facebook.


When is the optimal time for you to post to your page? I don’t know. But your insights can help you. Conduct an experiment where you post to your page a different times during the day and see which time gets the most impact.

Promoted Posts: this is a new kind of Facebook ad. Instead of creating a pay-per-click ad for your page or business which will show up in the sidebar, you can now “promote” one of your posts. Let’s say you post about a sale you’re having for the next couple of days. You can (for a price), “promote” that post, meaning that Facebook will ensure that more people that usual will see your post in their feed–it will stay longer, and be in more feeds than if you didn’t promote it. I’ve not used this feature to date, but I might do some experimenting with it in the near future. Go here to learn more.

Now you’re all up to date! Until tomorrow… :-/

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