Using Your Social Media Super Power for Good: (Red)Rush

A ny of my regular readers will know that I’m no big Klout fan, despite having gotten loads of Perks (totally loving the Neutrogena Naturals!). I still have huge issues with how they calculate their scores, and with how pushy and  misleading they can be (get your friends to sign up for Klout!! Tweet your score!! You lost two points–panic!!).

However, probably in response to my “issues” and many others like me, Klout has started a new thing called Klout for Good. They are trying to encourage influencers to use their social media super powers for good, by spreading the word about causes and charities.

The latest one that I want to bring to your attention is a partnership between Starbucks and (Red)Rush, which is an AIDS charity.

If you’ve walked into a Starbucks over the last few days, you may have seen a little sign like this:


Now, if you’re anything like me, you probably go to Starbucks, anyway, on a fairly regular basis. If you are on Foursquare already, it just takes a second for you to check in, and lo and behold, you just donated a buck to a very worthy charity!

I love campaigns like this. They make it easy. People have very good intentions, generally. Lots of people donate money to Charities and NFPs. But we have busy lives, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the hugeness of problems like AIDS in Africa. So, using social media, and allowing people to create buzz, raise awareness and generate donations by adding on a couple of simple tasks to stuff they were doing anyway… brilliant.

If you are already on FourSquare, make sure your check in on your next coffee run, and use the hashtag #REDRUSH. The campaign ends June 10, but they are already nearly halfway to their goal of $250K.

If you’re not on FourSquare, check out other ways you can use you social media superpowers for good here.

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