Happy Birthday, WordPress!

Last monday night, I joined a big crowd of fellow WordPress enthusiasts at The Elephant and Castle in downtown Vancouver to celebrate WordPress’ 10th Anniversary. It was the local chapter of an international celebration.

WP10 Meetup
Photo by @robertdall

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 6 years, and it’s irreplaceable to me. This blog/website is a self-hosted WP site, designed for me by Janet Baxter. I also have a WP-hosted site for my personal blog.

I love how easy it is to use, and I love how they are constantly tweaking and improving the UI, and adding new features. Even people who aren’t that technically adept can build professional-looking sites without too much grief.

So, I’m very happy for the role WordPress has played in my business and life!

In keeping with the theme, I have an infographic for you today of the top 30 WP Plugins. Plugins, for me, are the thing that really makes WordPress stand out above all the other blogging software out there. Because it’s open source, third party apps are constantly being developed and improved, and that rocks.

Which ones are your favorites? (note: these are for Self-Hoste WP only)

Share your favorite WordPress Plugin (on this list or not) in the comments section below.

WordPress Most Popular Plugins
Designed by graphs.net


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