#MonetizeYrBlog #3: The Tools To Get Started

Welcome to the third post in the series on how to monetize your blog. This is the final “prep” post in the series–next week, we’ll start looking at the first way you can monetize your blog.

This week, we’ll look at what things you need to put into place to get started. But first, today’s interview. Eschelle Westwood is a mom blogger over at Mumfection.com. She has two kids, and is a blogger/social media marketer. Her blog has been quite successful, and she often works with brands. I interviewed her about how to get started connecting to brands as a new blogger.


Is there some kind of a network or a list I can get my name on that will start to get me connected to brands if I want to start working with them? 

I have never come across a list unless it was associated with a PR company (e-mail lists etc…)  There are great blog groups on facebook that share opportunities, that is a really great place to start as a newbie.  

Okay. So, if there’s no list to start at, how do you start to connect with brands? Should you just do research on brands you like and reach out to them? 

I do pitch companies, but I also get requests. When I first started doing “sponsored posts” and giveaways I was approached.  I never really had to go out of my way to find them, they managed to find me… always!!  I think the best defence is being seen, commenting and creating a good community on your blog. This will give you a big edge when you are starting out.  

My advice to other bloggers wanting to work with brands os that it’s is all about your approach: be polite, tell them what they can gain from a partnership for you (they all want to know what YOU will do for THEM, not the other way around).  Start by approaching local companies and small ETSY shops (they love bloggers and it is a good way to get a few reviews under your belt to show off in the future), and other companies you see working with blogs with similar numbers to yours.  

Do you always insist on getting paid to do a review or a business profile post? Or will you do a sponsored post in exchange for goods or services? 
For me I like to play it by ear, but you can see from my advertising page that I aim to get paid.  Of course, not all companies are willing to do so.  From time to time I will do things for the product alone… like my HTCone, aquarium trips, event tickets etc.. etc… especially if I can go with my boys.  In Vancouver it is hard to afford all these activities so being able to do those things for them through my blog is a big blessing to me.  I consider it “payment” cause it is money I don’t have to spend, for example, on a new pair of shoes.

What about testimonials? How important are they?

If you want to make money blogging I think they are pretty important, even unpaid ones (within reason) as they are a good way to get your foot in the door with the company and show off what you’re made of.  The better you do, the more likely you’ll be able to create a long lasting partnership, which, in turn, will give you pull later in terms of getting compensation.  

So. What do you need to get started? Basically, there are two things:

  • A dedicated page on your blog
  • Media kit or One-Sheet

You’ll want to first of all set up a dedicated page on your blog that allows people to see first of all, that you offer advertising or sponsored posts on your bog, and to give anyone who comes there some sense of what you charge for those services.

On that page, you’ll need to have either a media kit or at the very least, a one-sheet that they can download as a pdf.

Click  to see Eschelle’s “Advertise” page on her blog, or my new “Work With Me” page, and click here to download my one-sheet Media Kit.




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