The Residual Effects of Daily Blogging (even when you’re not)

In the month of December, I conducted an experiment over on my other blog, Cooking By Laptop. I decided I was going to blog every weekday during the month of December 2014, so see how it would affect my traffic.

The result was that my traffic grew over that month by about 50%.

how daily blogging affects your traffic

You can read the entire post here.

I then went away on vacation, and didn’t post to my blog at all for more than a week. When I came back, I resumed my old schedule, which was twice a week, posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I fully expected that my traffic would tank when I went back to my old schedule. But I discovered something very interesting: there’s a residual effect to posting every day.

December, 2013 November, 2014 December, 2014 Jan -Feb 9,2015
Hits 1762 2400 3565 2767
Uniques 1000 1421 2033 1671

I started watching my stats again from the time I started posting again (Jan 9–I didn’t include my vacation, where I wasn’t posting at all), for the next month, and the results are higher than they were the last month where I was posting only twice a week, which was November of 2014.

My uniques were also higher.

It seems like there is are residual effects of daily blogging–even after you stop. I’ve had this conversation with a couple of the other bloggers that participated in the challenge, and they have found similar results.

Soo… who wants to do a daily blogging challenge for 30 days?



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