Win an Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 Worth $360!

It’s nearly Christmas, and it’s nearly the end of the year. You’re thinking about presents. You’re thinking about what kinds of business expenses you still have to buy before year-end.

Well, I have something for you, for free. This would make a great present for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

I’ve been using the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 as my primary device for the last week, and it’s a sexy little number. It’s much bigger than my iPhone, and when it comes to things like taking photos or watching videos, that’s a big advantage. It was, however, still small enough to fit into the inside pocket of my purse, which is important. Let’s talk about the camera. It takes some pretty great photos. The rear-facing, main camera, is 13 MP and the front-facing, selfie camera, is 5 MP. It also has this cool selfie-feature built in, called “face beauty.” Basically, it’s like airbrushing every selfie you post. I feel like a little help in that department wouldn’t go amiss. πŸ˜‰ Additionally, you can control the aperture on this camera. It has a feature that allows you to let in more light if you’re shooting in a darker location.

Because it runs on an Android operating system, it was really easy for me to get up and running on this phone. I just logged into my Google account and everything was there–my email, my calendar, my photos, my contacts. It was a pretty smooth transition.

It works upside down! It has this cool feature where it flips upside down if you pick it up like that. It automagically adjusts.

One last cool feature the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 has (that I didn’t use), is for music-lovers. You can actually deejay on this phone! It has an application called “Mix” that allows you to select tracks and then add effects, transitions, sync, scratch or insert samples like a pro.

For a full run-down of the phone’s features, click here.

Telus has very generously given me three of these phones–one for myself, and two to give away!

There are two ways to enter the contest:

  1. In the comments section below, answer this question: Who is your Idol?
  2. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram or Twitter taking a photo and hashtag it #WinAlcatelIdol and tag me @rebeccacoleman in the photo.
  3. For a bonus entry, tweet

The fine print:

  • Contest open to Canadians only.
  • Contest closes December 15 at midnight. Winners will be chosen at random–one from comments on the blog, and one from Instagram/Twitter.

Good luck!


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Rebecca Coleman

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  1. My idol is my wife, Laurie. In February 2013 she was seriously injured in a collision (one of those vehicle/pedestrian encounters which inevitably leaves the pedestrian much worse off) and over the last (almost) two years she has persevered and pushed herself in her recuperation every day. Her drive and commitment to recovery is nothing short of incredible. I am in awe of her everyday.

  2. I don’t often idolize the rich or famous, and while it is true that there have been outstanding parents and family that helped shape who I am, its the people that go unseen that earn my respect. I’m thinking of doctors working in war-torn areas, volunteers helping in famine-ravaged countries, or courageous individuals who risk their lives to help smuggle refugees out of harms way. All over the globe are people who work tirelessly, and they do so without reward, without fame, and in some cases with little else but a thank-you. I don’t know their names, but they are my idols.

  3. Mae West.
    “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”
    “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”
    Great foodie quotes!

  4. My idols are the recently deceased Canadian Ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, and his chargΓ© d’affaires, John Sheardown. Two months ago, I wrote the following on my FB page:

    “Turning to serious news, very sorry to learn today of the death of one of my personal heroes, Ambassador Ken Taylor. I was thinking of him and of John Sheardown only yesterday. How, despite the increasingly dangerous situation surrounding them, they still managed to find a way through, and through that tiny crack, got six people to safety. Their story taught me so much, but principally the life values of diligence, of “shooting all the angles”, of never giving up, and of never discounting such seemingly unimportant details as the garbage. Thank you, Ambassador, for all your service. Godspeed.”

  5. I tend to avoid idolization per se, but am greatly influenced by women who lead passionate, creative and dynamic lives β€” especially in the face of adversity.
    Women who follow their gut and use their brains.
    Or those who just say, nuts to you all! I am going to try.

    Currently, I love learning about women who are leaders in tech, gaming and design.
    But, on those hard days, when I feel down I take a moment to read and remind myself of the work by:

    Dorothy Parker
    Maya Angelou
    Isobel Gunn
    and even the moxie of Florence Foster Jenkins

  6. My dad is my idol. My biological mom died when I was 8. He and I became very close and to this day (he’s 84 now) we still talk about politics, what’s going on in the world and how to make it a better place. He’s always been the most generous and kind person I know – inviting strangers home for dinner, literally giving away the shirt off his back and donating to causes he believes in.

  7. My idol is most definitely my Mom she is the strongest person I know and has helped me through the toughest times and is currently an amazing caregiver to my loving father who is battling dementia

  8. My friend Jillian who is facing some (seemingly never-ending) health challenges with bravery, grace, and light. Even though she can’t dance like she used to, she still dances her way to into everyone’s heart.

  9. I don’t really have idols but the first person who comes to mind is actress Kate Winslet – She is such a beautiful person inside and out… caring, respectful, compassionate…but also does things her own way and stays true to herself πŸ™‚

  10. I would like to say both my parents are my idols. My mom has fought breast cancer 2 times now. She is just a strong willed woman. My dad he works so hard everyday and does so much for everyone, from people he knows to random strangers. They are my parents and my idols!

  11. My mom is and will always be my idol! Now being a mom myself to two little girls, I look up to her and respect her more then I ever have <3

  12. There are so many inspirational people around today. Without social media it seems, we would not be exposed to as many. Choice is wonderful, since many things about someone can resonate with the individual. I would like to choose someone from history.
    *Leonardo da Vinci. He was an inventor, visionary, and artist who was true to his art. He presented himself to the world-as truly himself…he just put it out there, which is something that is not always easy to do…very inspirational.

  13. Tricky one! Personally, no one person quite fills the role. A combination of notable traits from a few different people put together sums up an idol for me.

  14. My bestest Mom friend of 13 years is my idol. She left an uphappy marriage and went back to school and became a dental hygienist so she could afford to keep her house for her & her 3 kids. She’s always positive and has a big heart! Thanks so much for the chance to win a new Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 phone!

  15. My mom was my idol – she was the strongest woman I have ever known and battled cancer for 9 years after being given only 1.5 years to live. She’s my strength and inspiration.

  16. My idol honestly is my boyfriend. He has stuck by me for the last almost 6 years. He loves me unconditionally and respects me. He guides me in ways I could not explain! Thank you so much for this amazing chance to win!!

  17. My husband is my Idol, He busts his butt to support and take care of us. He is the most incredible father to our kids and always puts others before himself. He inspires me everyday to be a better person and truly is my biggest cheerleader. I’m a very lucky woman πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays everyone !

  18. My Dad was my idol. Even when going through Cancer treatments, horrible surgeries, and feeling horrible he never complained. Right up until the day he passed, he never once complained, and did his best to still be there for my children and myself because he loved us. I miss him a lot. He was an amazing person!

  19. My idol is my grandmother. She raised me and has always been there for me since the day I was born. She would do anything for anyone. She has been through so much, and has been so strong.

  20. My nan was my idol,she passed away last summer. She was always there for us since the day we were born,would do anything for anyone and never ever complained. She cared about everyone,and always had a smile in her face. She was the best!

  21. My Mom is my Idol. She is such a wonderful mom with a huge heart! She has always been my best friend and i will always look upto her!

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