#ProfHootUp Recap

On November 23, I got to participate in a HootUp at Hootsuite, and it was swell!

My fellow presenters were Emily Kinsky (@ekinsky), who presented via Google Hangout all the way from Texas. She spoke about how she integrates live tweeting into her classes, and I can’t wait to start doing that! Jarrett Vaughan (@jarrettvaughan) spoke about how he uses Twitter Polls in his classes at Langara, and there was lots of good stuff in there about how to grade students whose assignment is social media. He also thinks Snapchat is the next “it” tool for us as instructors. Challenge accepted! Expect to see a blog post on this in the near future. Finally, Ryan Chynces (@ryanchynces) talked about some of Hootsuite’s new training tools.

You can watch the entire thing here.

And you can view all the presentation slides here.

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    1. You can contact Emily directly at @ekinsky, or download the presentation slides (she goes into it in more detail on those) at the very end of my blog post–there’s a link.

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