Should You Use Buffer to Post to Facebook?

By a long, long margin, the #1 searched post on this site is Should You Use Hootsuite to Post to Your Facebook Page. It gets tons of searches and I get lots of traffic from that post.

Should you use Buffer to post to facebook

The gist of it is this: Facebook doesn’t like you using a third-party software to post to it. So, while I love scheduling tools like Hootsuite and use it all the time for Twitter, it’s not advised to use it to post to Facebook. I know this because I did some data-drive research where I used Hootsuite to post for a week to my Facebook page, then I compared the reach of those posts to similar posts I’d scheduled through Facebook’s scheduling tool.

The results showed overwhelmingly that posts that are scheduled from Hootsuite have a lower reach. I think that Facebook has some kind of detection in its algorithm that notes when you use a third-party app like Hootsuite to schedule posts. And they don’t like it. So those kinds of posts get a much lower reach.

Recently, someone asked me if the same was true for Buffer. I assumed it would be, as my guess is Facebook has created this rule for all third party apps. So I set out to find out should you use Buffer to post to Facebook?

I scheduled a week’s worth of posts (9 in total) to my Facebook page, then I compared the reach of those posts to the reach of the 9 previous posts I’d scheduled through the FB scheduling tool. Here is what I discovered.

Date Buffer Date Facebook
16/02/2016 20 09/02/2016 71
16/02/2016 22 09/02/2016 244
17/02/2016 96 10/02/2016 161
18/02/2016 59 11/02/2016 120
18/02/2016 93 12/02/2016 139
19/02/2016 53 13/02/2016 55
20/02/2016 53 14/02/2016 114
21/02/2016 134 14/02/2016 646
22/02/2016 6 15/02/2016 230
 Total reach 536  Total reach 1780
 Average post reach 60  Average post reach 198

Using the Facebook scheduler over Buffer resulted in more than 200% increase in reach.

And, because I like you so much, I even made a chart.

A chart comparing the organic reach of Buffer vs Facebook scheduler

The orange represents the organic reach on FB scheduled posts, and the blue represents the organic reach of Buffer-scheduled posts.

So, should you use Buffer to post to Facebook? For me the answer is a clear “no.”

What has been your experience with using third-party apps to post to your Facebook pages?


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