Just Say No to these Social Media Practices

Seriously, this stuff makes my head explode!

I’m kinda shocked that people are still doing these things today, but it still happens all the time…

1. Auto DM’s on Twitter. This has started to abate over the last year or so, thank goodness, but really this practice has been out-of-date for several years now. It feels in authentic. You don’t need to thank new followers. Just post great content. That’s thanks enough.

2. LinkedIn Spam. It makes me crazy when I connect with someone, and they immediately try to pitch me something. I get it–it’s why people are on LinkedIn, but get to know me a little first before you try to sell me something, m’kay? And according to CASL regulations, adding someone to your email list without their express consent is illegal.

3. Instagram bots. Here’s the thing–people do this alllll the time–but I can tell if a comment is authentic or if it’s a bot. So why bother?

4. Adding people to FB groups without asking them. Ugh! This happens to me still so often! Invite people, or send them a DM and ask them if they want to join, but don’t automatically add them. The first thing I do is leave the group.

5. Tagging people who are not in the photo. This, sadly, is another thing that happens to me often. I have one chef on Instagram that often tags me in his photos that include MEAT, and I don’t eat meat! Not a good match. Eventually, it’s a great way to get unfollowed, or even blocked. Only tag people in posts that are directly related to the post.

Plus one bonus:

6. Not giving credit where credit is due. If you use someone’s work, ie: a photo or their infographic (like in this blog post), make sure you give credit to the original source, and link back.

Infographic courtesy of Socially Sorted.


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