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Over the next couple of days, I’ll be writing a series of posts aimed at small business owners as I lead up to the launch of my new book, Getting Started with Social Media for Small Businesses on Friday, February 15.

As a small business owner, time is the thing I have the least amount of. It’s run, run, run, from the beginning of the day to the end.

One thing that I know I have to continue to do is to learn. I need to be continuously upgrading my skills and learning, so that I can remain at the top of my field. But finding the time to go to school and attend classes is challenging. So, a great deal of the learning I do happens online, by reading blogs.

In honour of my new book that’s coming out TOMORROW (gulp!), I have compiled a list of my favorite small business blogs. Check them out and subscribe to some of them!

Ittybiz is  my #1 favorite blog for small businesses. Naomi has a great sense of humour, and even better advice. I read every word she puts out.

Seth Godin: There’s nothing not to love about Seth. His post are short and sweet, so they won’t take up much time in your day. And my brain always feels really ‘pingy’ after reading them. I’m currently listening to a great podcast of his called Startup School. Highly recommended.

Constant Contact Blog: Okay, full disclosure, my friend Dave writes for this blog, but it’s really great. Really great tips for connecting and engaging with your clients from a small biz perspective.

Problogger: In a similar vein, Darren Rowse just rocks. I especially love his series on 31 days to become a better blogger.

Arts Biz Blog: If you are in the arts, you should be reading Alyson Stanfield’s blog. Chock full of great social media help, specifically for artists.

NonProfit Tech 2.0 and Beth’s Blog: These two are my go-tos for when I’m doing research in the area of social media for non-profits or charities. Also check out F is for Fundraising.

UnMarketing: I’ve often said Scott Stratton is who I want to be when I grow up, and his blog is always well-written, fun, and right on the money. I wish he would post more!

Zen Habits: This little blog is for everyone, not just people in business. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and about cultivating habits that create a more balanced work life.

Click here to subscribe to all 10 of these blog’s RSS’ feeds via Google Reader (I sneakily added mine, as well).

What are your fave biz blogs? Share in the comments below!

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