10 Ways to Create Viral Content #Infographic

If there’s one thing we all want, it’s exposure. We all want to see that little spike in our Google Analytics. It’s a great feeling.

It’s hard, especially when you’ve been at this a while (*cough* 9 years) to come up with content that still spikes after a while, but there are proven methods that can make your content more shareable. And today, I have 10 of them in the form of this infographic: 10 Ways To Create Viral Content.

Write longer articles. It’s proven that Google really likes articles of over 1,000 words. This is because when it looks at a longer article, it figures you must have put a lot of time and energy into researching that post, and that it must, therefore, contain good content.

Listsicles. There’s a reason why Buzzfeed is one of the most popular sites on the net. Articles like 17 Reasons The People Who Shower At Night Are The Right Ones and 11 Things Only True Bagel Lovers Will Understand are very clickable. Yours can be less *ahem* click-baity. All you have to do is a roundup post of some of the best articles you’ve found on the internet related to a particular topic. Your fave Valentine’s Day Cupcake recipes? Winner.

Happy, upbeat articles get more shares. I mean, it makes sense, right? Goodness knows we have enough craziness in the world right now. Tiny hamsters eating burritos are what people need to get through the day.

Images. Posts like this one with infographics usually do well (why do you think I do them?). Either way, make sure you include at least one graphic element in each of your posts. Animated gifs are especially popular.

Share your post lots, and encourage others to share as well. I share each blog post I write a minimum of 10 times across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google +. I also sometimes send a note to a group of blogger girlfriends asking them for tweets or RTs. Tagging someone (appropriately) in your social post will also make it more shareable.

Be transparent. I find that, whenever I write a post that is more private in nature, meaning, I write more from the heart, about my own personal experience, that post gets way more shares. It’s scary, though, so I don’t do it that often.

Now here’s today’s infographic, 10 Ways to Create Viral Content.

10 Ways To Create Viral Content
Infographic courtesy of BuzzSumo



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