I’ll be at Sage Summit Toronto June 27 & 28!

The last two years, I have been lucky enough to be able to attend Sage Summit.

It’s the annual conference for Sage, who makes small business and accounting software. The entire focus of the conference is to support and help smaller and medium-sized businesses, and they have had some pretty big names speaking. Both times I have attended, I’ve come away incredibly inspired, and the networking opportunities were immense.

Last year, in Chicago, I got to see Sir Richard Branson, I met Ashton Kutcher, and so many more who were wholly inspirational. The year before in New Orleans, I got to witness the bromance between Colin Powell and Depack Chopra, and listened to pearls of wisdom from Matthew Weiner and Trevor Noah. You can read all about the 2016 Sage Summit in Chicago here, and the 2015 version in NOLA here.

This year, Sage is doing it a little different. Instead of doing one huge summit world-wide, they are breaking it up into regions and doing smaller summits closer to home. The Canadian one takes place in Toronto June 27 & 28. And I’m going to be there.

Not just going to be there, but this year I’m speaking! Yup! I’ll be giving a workshop called “The ABC’s of Social Media on Tuesday, June 27 at 2:30 pm.

There will also be tons of other really great speakers, including Rick Mercer, and my good buddy Evan Carmichael.

I’m also looking forward to connecting with Ed Kless, whom I met last year in Chicago, and who runs the Sage Advice Podcast. I’ve been a guest on the podcast before, but I recently taped another one just last week. Ed and I talk about social media, influencer marketing and why I admire Julia Child. You can listen here:

And here’s the best part: if you’re in Toronto, or you can get yourself there, you can attend Sage Summit Toronto FOR FREE. Whaaat!

Yup, just click here to register.

Hope to see you there!

PS. If you can’t attend, be sure to follow my social feeds (hasthag #SageSummit) for all the goodies. I’ll be live-tweeting/ Instagramming/ Facebooking/ Vlogging the entire thing. Natch.


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